Tourist invitation for migration-dangerous countries

Which countries are called migration-dangerous?

Migration-dangerous are those countries in which there are military operations and those in which the economic situation is bad (citizens of such countries more often than others violate the visa regime) or for other reasons determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Many states have their own lists of migration-dangerous countries, which may vary, since they change depending on what percentage of foreign citizens have violated the rules of stay on the territory of a particular state. The Russian list of migration-dangerous countries is regularly changed and supplemented depending on the changing situation in the world. An invitation to obtain Russian visas for citizens of migration-dangerous countries is issued after more thorough checks, as well as after interviews with the visa applicant himself and with the party that invited him.

The list of countries that are dangerous for migration includes countries:

  • in which military operations are conducted;
  • from which there is a threat of terrorist penetration;
  • in which the central government is weak or absent;
  • in which there is a large flow of people wishing to
  • travel abroad;
  • with which the Russian Federation has severed diplomatic relations.

When applying to the Russian consulate or embassy (to obtain a Russian visa, located in the country of which they are not citizens, foreign citizens must present an officially issued residence permit. Citizens of countries included in the list of migration-dangerous countries can apply for a visa to Russia only on the territory of their country. In case of issuing an invitation to obtain a multiple-entry visa, citizens of migration-dangerous countries must provide copies of previously issued Russian visas.